How to Create Items on CifiPowa (through Santa Fe)

CifiPowa enables artists, museums and other users to easily create their own collection of items on Binance smart chain.
  1. 1.
    Go to Cifipowa, connect your wallet and click build
2. Choose the Item type you want to create
3. Choose your file and the Registry you want to create the Item into. If you don't have a Registry, you can select CifiPowa default. If you have a Registry, it will appear next to CifiPowa.
To create Registry, click "Create" instead, fill in the information and register.
Note: Registration of new Registry costs 10 CIFI
4. Fill the details of your item metadata and click create. Allow to upload and confirm blockchain transaction.
5. Check your newly minted Item on "My Item" page
CifiPowa is still on Binance Smart Chain Testnet, users need to move their Metamask from Mainnet to Testnet
CifiPowa is not yet supported on Trust wallet android device but can be accessible on trust wallet iOS device. Android users can make use of Metamask mobile browser to access CifiPowa dapp.
Last modified 1yr ago