Reward & Buyback

Monetary Incentives

In order to motivate committed players of Metalands, Citizen Finance will be rewarding players with xMeta in-game currency. Players will be able to convert their in-game currency to CIFI token at the ratio of 1 xMeta = $0.01 worth of CIFI token.

Buyback & Burn

To create more value for CIFI token, Citizen Finance will adopt a buy-back practise using 20% of profit from the primary in-game store. 50% of CIFI bought will be used to incentivize holders while the other 50% will be used for creators incentives on Santa Fe and Metalands.
While there will be random burning of CIFI token, it is no longer a priority as CIFI token already has a low supply which is expected to support multiple applications across multiple chains.