About The Game

Citizen Finance : Meta City is a Blockchain First-person shooter game on mobile and PC. The game is centered in a fictional city called Meta City.


In the beginning, the tribes of Meta City lives in peace and harmony until the Nunakai, warrior aliens from Planet Iboria attacked the city. Some districts were lost to the invaders as well as the population who were forced into the mines, the aliens had come for Ciphi.

The last free 5 districts of Meta City came together to form the "Alliance" a union that is determine to defeat the invaders, rescue their people and preserve their rights to Ciphi mining.

Meanwhile, Meta City Company already employed a professional military contractor - Harry Lam to infiltrate Blockdown district. His mission was to gather information on the enemies and rescue some of their workers especially Natalia Ovan.


Meta City is a portrayed as a rich city with 14 districts. The City is rich with many minerals but the most precious is Ciphi, a metal that fuels the city's technological advancement. Ciphi was discovered by Nikron Ovan the founder of Meta City Company (MCC), a company that controls 70% of Ciphi mining operations in the city.


Players take on the role of Harry Lam, a professional military contractor employed by MCC to rescue their trapped workers in Blockdown district. The player will have to battle the Nunakai, rescue the workers and obtain information regarding the invaders and what they want with Ciphi. Upon his death, the company was passed to his only daughter Natalia Ovan with the guidance of the 14 (rich and powerful individuals and shareholders of MCC)

The player gradually builds up own bunker and try to survive in a post apocalyptic region that is been overrun by aliens.


Enjoy an action-packed mobile and PC multiplayer game with in-game assets an nfts. Players will be able to team up for survival, capture the district and many other multiplayer missions. To make the game fair and transparent, Meta City will create a class system of weapons which users will be merged based on their loadout gears.

Meta City enables players to team up, join clans to battle other clans.


  • Class 1 - Class 2

  • Class 3 - Class 4

  • Class 5 - Class 6

Play to Earn

Meta City incorporate the blockchain play to earn model by incentivizing players from in-game drop of nfts, daily rewards, achievements, and ability to with in-game currency as native token.

Bunker System

Introduction of Bunker system is a groundbreaking concept which Meta City will make gameplay and inventory unique. Each player is entitled to a bunker (3D inventory) which they can store their in-game assets, appearance, take missions and interact with other clans. The Bunker can be upgraded to contain more weapons as each bunker is limited to the number of assets it can contains. Players can also purchase new bunkers instead of upgrading their old bunker.

When a player upgrades a bunker, the player is purchasing additional spaces to store in-game assets but purchasing new bunker, the player get a new bunker with a new designs, more spaces and functionalities. A bunker can only be upgraded 3 times in which it needs to be renewed.