In-Game Assets

Every in-game asset in Metalands is a unique non-fungible token. In-game assets are NFTs that are stored on the Binance smart chain which gives players full ownership. Players will be able to use them as in-game assets to play the action-packed game, trade them on the secondary marketplace, stake them on NFT reward pools or use them as collateral to borrow other tokens.


The most important attributes of in-game assets are their Stakingpowa, Face Value and Rarity. The StakingPowa is the strength of the asset, Face Value is the amount of token the owner will obtain after liquidation, and the Rarity is the rareness of the asset.


There are 6 basic Rarity classes which each in-game asset possesses: Common, Rare, Epic, Elite, Legendary and God. Each Rarity class possesses unique damaging power and value in the game. God class weapons are the rarest, players will have to try harder to obtain them.

Skin as a Virtual Commodity (SaaVC)

Weapon skins will also be represented as non-fungible tokens. Since the introduction of weapon skins as virtual commodities to traditional gaming, the market has continued to grow rapidly running into billions of dollars in marketcap. Citizen Finance will also be introducing skins as a virtual commodity into its economy model. Players will not only be able to purchase weapon skins from the primary marketplace, they will also be able to create their own weapon skins and trade them using the secondary marketplace.
By introducing blockchain into weapon skin economy, artists will be able to develop their own skins, mint them into NFTs and sell them directly on Citizen Finance's secondary marketplace legally. The platform will be an open economy for weapon skin artists to earn income doing what they do best. Skins will need to be approved by the Citizen Finance team and the community through a DCC before they can be supported by Citizen Finance. There will be a number of guidelines which artists will need to follow when developing weapon skins for the public to avoid harmful content.
Through Santa Fe, Citizen Finance will offer a web-based editor that will enable artists to create their own weapon skins, mint them to NFTs and place them for sale on the marketplace.

Treasury Pool Loan

Metalands enables players to borrow funds from the treasury using their in-game assets. Players can borrow funds from Santa Fe Treasury Pool in which they are given a timeframe to pay back the borrowed funds or get their assets liquidated.
Liquidated assets are auctioned for sale with the borrowed amount as the starting price. The borrowed amount will be refunded back to the treasury while profit made is sent to dividend pool.