The video gaming industry is still been plagued with the non existence of true ownership when it comes to in-game assets. According to NewsZoo The World’s 2.7 Billion gamers were estimated to spend $159.3 Billion on Games in 2020, and the market as a whole will Surpass $200 Billion by 2023. This comes after $87 billion was spent in 2019 by gamers to purchase in-game assets which they have no true ownership over.
In-game assets have been one of the top revenue streams of video gaming companies as many games have adopted the Free-to-Play model with high demand for in-game assets. According to Forbes out of Fortnite’s $2.4 billion of revenue, over one billion was generated through the sale of in-game items. Gamers are spending billions of dollars yearly to purchase in-game assets with little or no real ownership right over said assets.
Citizen Finance: Metalands as a First-person shooter game will provide support for 100% ownership of in-game assets. The platform will allow players to withdraw and sell their in-game assets on the secondary marketplace, gift them out to friends, stake them on decentralized pools to earn CIFI token, or use them as collateral on lending protocols.