What is Metalands

    Metalands is a First Person Shooter Game based on Binance Smart Chain

Where can I play Metalands?

    Metalands will be available on Mobile and PC devices.

What is Ciphi token?

    Ciphi is the governance and utility token of Citizen Finance. Ciphi will only have a maximum supply of 500,000

How to get Ciphi?

    LP mining
    NFT Staking
    Game Play

How can I invest in Citizen Finance?

    Citizen Finance will be holding a Presale round for Ciphi investors. Details will be release soon.

What is Santa Fe?

    Santa Fe is a decentralized protocol for yield farming, nft staking and lending with in-game assets at the core.

What differentiate CifiPowa from other Editor?

    CifiPowa is web-based editor that enables artist create and modifies artwork, mint them into own registry or CifiPowa registry and also put them on sale using auction or fixed price. Cifipowa can be seen as a one-stop editor for everything Art.

What is Pow-XR?

    Pow-XR is a mobile and web based extended reality application that enables artist bring their art work from Cifipowa to live.

What are Citizen Finance Applications?

Citizen Finance applications can be seen as different layer of the citizen finance ecosystem. Every application is linked to another, together a multi-functional ecosystem will be created.

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