Immersive NFT Marketplace
CifiPowa is a decentralized application which enables artist to mint digital art work into nft-based art. Artists are given the option to either create a single art or multiple collection called Gallery. The application also consist of s decentralized marketplace for trading minted assets.

Why use CifiPowa?

  • Gallery - CifiPowa enables artist create own gallery of their art work. Gallery can be filled with new minted artwork using the forge tool that enables artist create artwork. Artist have the choice to either create their own gallery or mint their artwork on CifiPowa.
  • Marketplace - Internal marketplace for artist to sell their own artwork either as a fixed price or auction style. Marketplace offers multiple currency option and discount in transaction fees.
  • Low Gas - CifiPowa is based on the Binance Smart Chain and layer 2 chains which offers low gas fee when minting art work into the blockchain.
  • Immersive Experience - Immersive experience of nft-based art using CifiPowa X extended reality application
Supports All NFTs
ERC721 and ERC1155 Supported
CifiPowa enables artists and users to create their own artwork as ERC721 or ERC1155 token standard. While ERC721 allows for a single item at a time, ERC1155 enables the user to mint multiple items same time which saves time. ERC1155 is mostly preferable when the user wants multiple copies of an item.
Create a Gallery
Creating your own Gallery gives you more control over your items. The user can group all similar item in one gallery for a neat and professional showcase. CifiPowa enables artist to either create their own registry or mint their art on general CifiPowa gallery.
Sell and Gift Items

Supported Extensions

CifiPowa supports PNG, JPEG, WEBP, GIF, and GLB (3D). The marketplace will be improved to support 3D extentions like FBX, OBJ and GLTF and other extention like TGA for in-game weapon skin in the future. This will enable 3D artist create and modify 3D art work, convert them into blockchain and sell on marketplace.
Last modified 5mo ago