Citizen Finance will be airdropping rare nft in-game assets to its Citizens. Citizens will be able to own a rare piece of our gem by performing simple social media task


Referral System

Citizens with the highest invites will be rewarded with a different class of in-game assets.
    Top Inviter - Class 6 NFT
    Top 2-10 - Class 5 NFT
    Top 1-20 - Class 4
    Top 21-30 Class 3
    Top 31 - 50 Class 2
    Others Class 1

Use of NFT (in-game assets)

Citizen Finance NFT has multiple use case on the platform. holders of Citizen Finance NFT can:
    Use it to play Meta City FPS Game
    Stake it
    Resell it on secondary marketplace
    Use it as collateral
    and many more
Referral system makes use of discord invite system. Citizens will be able to get their own unique discord server link from the server.
Login to Discord and select Citizen Finance Server. Select Invite to get your referral link
Edit Invite link
Expiration time should be set to NEVER, While Max Number of Uses should be set to No Limit. Generate new link and start inviting...Goodluck
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